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Posted by Stephen Vitrano

The Auto Paint Depot was founded by people who love cars. We know how important it is to have a great looking automobile however, keeping it looking great isn’t all that easy. It seems there’s always something trying to ruin the finish.

That’s why The Auto Paint Depot was founded.

Whether you’re touching up a chip from a rock that hit your front end on your trip through the urban jungle, a scratch from a tree in the mountains, covering up the mark left by a jealous significant other or painting that restoration project to the color of your dreams, we have you covered.

We're paint professionals who can offer you  easy to order paint and supplies at the best prices which are delivered directly to your door step with free shipping within the continental United States.

We stock high end premium automotive finishes such as ProSpray and 4th Dimension paints as well as many other supplies you would need to complete your project. Whether you need a half ounce amount for a touch up job or a gallon for a full paint project, we can accommodate most requests and treat you like you are our only customer. 

Watch this blog spot for more information about our company, products and our own personal automobile experiences, we may even ask you to showcase your project.


The Auto Paint Depot Team